About Us

Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to ending chronic homelessness among women veterans in the U.S. For these women, the return to civilian life is very hard. Many suffer from issues such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma.

We provide transitional housing, career training, mental health counseling, life skills classes and education programs that put female veterans back on the path to independence and self-sufficiency.

Genesis also assists homeless female veterans in taking stock of their life experiences. They are given practical and effective tools to take charge of their lives and transform their futures. We know that thousands of lives will be turned around through our programs.

Genesis Joy House gives these American heroes a safe place to heal and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

We’re the only transitional housing facility in the state of Georgia exclusively for female veterans.

Proven and innovative 90-day programs that progress female veterans from homelessness to permanent housing to full-time careers.

A Resource Center offering mental health counseling with expertise in PTSD, overcoming military sexual trauma and TBI, job readiness, housing assistance and more.

Results-driven in moving participants from homelessness to independence and self-sufficiency.


"I came to Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter for Women Veterans after a domestic violence event that left me sleeping in my car since that was his home, not mine. After a couple days, an out-of-town Army veteran friend of mine told me to reach out to the VA at Fort McPherson in Atlanta. The VA community resources referred me to Genesis Joy House in Warner Robins. I called and spoke to Margaret, who is the founder of Genesis, and she said they could help. Margaret asked me to call Ms. Sharon Rogers and she called me the next day and worked as quickly as she could to get me processed and off the street. It just so happened a room was becoming available the following Monday. I only stayed in my car for a week total, which was an arduous task as I am disabled physically and mentally. I’m grateful to both ladies who worked to get me in a safe place after the trauma I experienced and get me off the street. It was a true blessing. My stay here has been wonderful and I’m learning a lot with the workshops, financial advice, and the programs that are assisting me in getting my own place. Thank you, Genesis Joy House!"

A Genesis Participant


"Many thanks to Genesis Joy House for 'female' veterans. This female-centered approach has not only housed me temporarily in a comfortable atmosphere, but has also provided supportive services for me to finally get on my feet such as consistent meals, self-care items, establishing ongoing savings, and help finding long-term stable housing."

A Genesis Participant


“While attending the Ask A Banker webinar through Genesis, I learned many different things that I believe were vital. Everyone was nice and patient with us and explained everything so clearly. I learned about the home buying process, how important it is to save, interest rates and banking insights. I am thankful for the invite to attend."



“The Ask A Banker webinar that Genesis Joy House provided was really informative for me. I learned a lot about how to keep my money more secure. It was especially eye opening to learn the difference between Zelle and other cash apps like Venmo and Cash App."



“I’d just like to let you know how very satisfied I was with the level of service that was given at the Ask A Banker webinar through Genesis Joy House and the wealth of knowledge from the bankers. They were able to answer all of our questions.”



“I wasn’t aware that you can receive two free credit reports a year in the state of Georgia until I attended the financial literacy webinar through Genesis Joy House. I also have been working on building my credit through the information that I received.”



“I needed an understanding regarding a regular savings account versus a money market savings, and now I better understand the difference between the two, from the financial literacy webinar through Genesis, and have since opened a money market account.”



“I was very thankful to be a part of the Ask A Banker webinar that was offered by Genesis Joy House and Truist Bank. I needed help in regards to an annuity that I’ve inherited and I needed to find out what direction to go regarding a payout. I was treated very well by all those concerned and was given some great advice which I’ve utilized.”



"Nobody wants to say, 'I can't put a roof over my head'; Nobody wants to say, 'I need help clothing my children'. At Genesis, we are bringing them to the next level they need in order to be able to stand on their own."



"Genesis Joy House has been an amazing Bright Light in some of the darkest, loneliness moments in my life. When I think of Genesis, the one word that comes to mind is "dignity" they are NOT a hand out, they're a "Hand Up". When life's tragedy hit my family, I didn't even know how to ask for help. I had assumed those closest to us would be the ones to help us, sadly enough the only thing people said to us was, "we'll pray for you". While emotionally that may have offered some comfort, it did not come even close to reaching our needs. In daily living we do not need for nothing, but when this life crisis came so fast and was so incredibly overwhelming my family was stunned. It was so overwhelming I literally felt like I was going to have a breakdown. This is when the team at Genesis, led by the amazing woman of God, Margaret Queen-Flower, calmed me down enough to get me to tell them exactly what my needs were. It took me a couple of days to respond to Mrs. Flowers because I could not believe someone was going to help. Then the calls started to come' there were real people, literally going to give me the things I needed from diapers, to baby beds, clothes, toys, food, toiletries and so so much more. All while preserving my dignity about needing help. We are a simple family, going about our daily lives, and we needed help. Genesis was there to pick us up. THANK YOU Genesis from the bottom of our hearts."

The Osirus Family


"There is so much frustration when your brain doesn't work right. You see where you used to be and what you used to be capable of. Now I can't do any of those things."



"Genesis... It was like God sent me Angels. They were the beginning of the end of that dark season for me."



"After combat, it can be very difficult to return to your normal self. It can be a real struggle without the right services in place. Genesis gives veterans a second chance."

Lt. Col. Jessica Chapman

Dr. Margaret Queen-Flowers, LHD


Margaret is a native of Washington, D.C., and is walking in the purpose that God placed her on this earth to fulfill. She is a Veteran spouse of Edward Flowers, III, who served in the U.S. Air Force, has been married 37 years, and have four children and eleven grandchildren. Growing up in D.C., she fed the homeless community alongside her grandmother, at the tender age of 12. Not knowing, at that time, God was introducing her to her purpose.

Margaret is a Certified Therapon Biblical Counselor — which is based upon an exclusive faith-based therapeutic treatment model to help identify life-controlling problems, and to process the deep spiritual recovery issues of hurting people. She also serves as a Human Rights Consultant for her community.

Inspired by knowing that our freedom isn’t free, and the sacrifices that our Veterans make for us every day, she quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. In 2011, led by God, Margaret took a faith leap and commenced researching the needs in her community, without duplicating services. Not quite sure if she could operate a nonprofit, and having a full-time career, she continued to pray and ask God to direct her steps to give her the strength to do His will. Margaret moved forward working on the organization structure while offering community outreach, empowerment and life skills programs; pulling 25 unhoused female Veterans out of the woods and providing them the resources to find permanent housing and careers.

Her testimony – while working in the highways and byways (outreach), from 2011 – 2016, she continued to pray; specifically asking God to bless the nonprofit with three buildings on one parcel of land (a duplex, a 2-story building for a training facility, and studio apartments for her to continue His work. In 2016 God delivered on her prayer request and a property, blighted for 13 years, was donated by a businessman with three buildings on one parcel (to include 6-unit studio apartments).

Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016, and had a double mastectomy in February 2017. The enemy tried to stop what God had already approved. While hospitalized, and during chemotherapy, the community, the military from Robins Air Force Base, churches and city leaders offered free labor to commence renovation.

Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc. (Genesis) grand opening was held on May 24, 2022. The blighted donated property was valued at $23,000, and the current value of the property/assets is now $1.2 million. Not only was Genesis blessed, but the homeowners in the neighborhood were blessed as well due to an increase in their property values.

God gave her the vision to create Genesis, which is making history by being the first transitional facility in Georgia to house our unhoused homeless female Veterans. She utilized her personal funding to get her vision in motion. To date Margaret’s efforts, with God’s help, have generated $1,216,165 in grant funding and over $500,000 in in-kind donations, to include toiletries, hygiene products, furniture, building supplies, food, donated labor, and annual toy drives for Veteran children ages newborn to 17.

Margaret’s brilliant mind, larger than life personality, deep love for her family and community and strong affection for her friends are a constant display throughout her life. She is fearless, honest and compassionate, and never happier than when she is helping those in need. The pearls of her wisdom she departs along the way are often repeated.

God continues to sustain Margaret, while working a full-time job and running an organization. She believes that when you walk in your purpose, and be obedient to God, that He will take care of the rest. That’s a promise!

Mandy Hazelton


Mandy Hazelton is a United States Air Force veteran who served 20 years as an Aerospace Medical Technician. She is currently serving as a hospitality coordinator for the Robins AFB Chapel where she arranges events and programs for the well-being and morale of Airmen. Additionally, Mandy is a certified resiliency trainer and has a Masters of Arts in Communications, Media, Arts and Production management from Regent University. She assists the Public Relations team with marketing and promotions.

Dr. Tim Riley, LPC/NCC

Vice President, BOARD MEMBER

Dr. Tim Riley, LPC/NCC, grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia. His father was a retired Air Force officer. Tim is a state of Georgia licensed professional counselor as well as a nationally certified counselor. He practiced general mental health counseling as well as extensive alcohol and drug abuse and addiction counseling. Tim has been very politically active all his life.

After retiring Tim moved to Hawaii and was elected to office in Waianae, Hawaii. In Hawaii he was very active in working with the houseless/homeless community. When the pandemic hit he decided to move back home to be closer to family. After returning back to his hometown of Warner Robins, he decided to seek ways to give back to his community that gave him so many gifts. He is back working in politics and serving his community in an effort to reach the unhoused female veterans who are so deserving of our community’s support.

Scott Ferraris


Scott Ferraris is a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force, holds a Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Scott is an award-winning leader in sales and revenue generation, successful business development, credit underwriting, managing credit risk, market share expansion, and relationship building. He is skilled and proficient in leading, coaching, and training others in both civilian and military environments.

Mark Clark


Mark Clark is originally from Rockford, IL. He is the youngest son of a WWII Veteran who was awarded several Bronze Medals in the Pacific Theater.  Mark’s passion is serving Veterans and Active-duty Military in the VA Loan industry.  He is certified by the Veteran Lending Council and spends time volunteering to teach Veterans, Active-duty Military, as well as, real estate and mortgage professionals about the benefits of the VA Loan and how to use the benefit. 

In college, Mark captained the University of Minnesota soccer team. He still enjoys playing sports in his spare time.

In his professional career he has built multiple businesses from the ground up.  His most recent ventures included a manufacturing company, Raw Pharma, and a brand of energy shots, Rhino Rush, where he served as the Chief Operating Officer of each company until they were sold in 2020.

Mark has also served in many volunteer capacities in the LDS church including Young Men’s Presidencies and Priesthood Presidencies.

He has 6 children and 1 grandchild. He now resides in Braselton, GA with his wife and youngest son.

Dorothy Britton


Dorothy is a native of Water Valley, MS, and a graduate of Alcorn State University where she received her commission as a Second Lieutenant. Following graduation, she embarked upon her military career as an Ordnance Officer. After a career of over 22 years both Active Duty and Reserves, Dorothy retired from the Army in 2011.

She currently resides in Stone Mountain, GA with her husband (CW4 Dario Britton) and their daughter (Sidney, a student at Georgia Institute of Technology University) and their cat (Sockie).

Dorothy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Alcorn State University and an MSA in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. She has extensive administrative and human resources management experience, strategic planning and proven abilities as a corporate steward interacting with multiple levels of management and culturally diverse audiences.

She is the owner and CEO of Phoenix Notary Solutions, LLC providing mobile notary, loan signing, and field inspection services.

She cherishes time spent with her family and friends, attending her church, New Life Church, in Decatur, GA, and supporting her church’s ministries.

Dustin Stewart


Dustin was born in Pensacola, FL in the beautiful panhandle of Florida. Growing up in Fort Walton Beach, FL, he was active in school playing basketball and tennis, and then graduated high school in 2000. After high school, he joined the United States Coast Guard and served four years as an Operations Specialist with duty stations in Detroit, Virginia Beach, and Honolulu. Currently, he is a store manager for Walmart. Dustin is married and has a young son. He and his family look forward to being active in serving their community.

Sharon Rogers


Sharon is a native of Washington County in Georgia, and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies and Business Management from Walden University. Her career began in communications at several local radio stations in Macon, in which she also had a brief stint in television. Even then, efforts were made to serve her community through fundraising and outreach programs that she was fortunate to be a part of.

Sharon became employed at the City of Warner Robins and the Houston County Housing Authority as a Resident Services Coordinator/Program Director in the late 90’s. Little did she know that she was in an area of employment that required her heartfelt compassion for people. She’s provided supportive services to seniors as well as social services and community relations; by fostering with local agencies many partnerships were built. She planned and coordinated fundraising events to help fund the largest Back to School Bash in the Middle Georgia area. She assisted in implementing an on-site GED Program through Central Georgia Technical College; creating and implementing the curriculum for life skills training, a program in which educated women and men in becoming-self-sufficient and job ready; and provided case management services for all ages who resided in the housing authorities.

Sharon received two Collaborative Partnership Awards through the Georgia Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authority. She is proficient in grant writing where she’s secured several federal grants. Her journey continued at the Housing Authority and she became the Director of Development, where she managed the agency’s procurement and contracts securing bids for services while implementing all non-profit activities and operations; as well as an annual plan for the modernization of units.

And now, as she embarks on a new chapter in her life with Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc., as Program Director, she says, “I see only great things ahead to an already beautiful painting.” Sharon’s passion has always been to help those in need by being approachable and working collaboratively to reach one common goal. Because together in numbers we are stronger! Sharon says, “I’m looking forward to giving back to our unhoused veteran women as well as others. I’m up for the challenge. I’m only doing what I love to do”!