Frequently Asked Questions

Are women that are not veterans accepted?

Only if there is a bed available. Our first priority is our homeless female veterans.

Are children allowed?

Not at this time. We recognize that some of our residents have children. We ask that they stay with a friend or family member while the resident participates in our 90-120 day transitional housing program. This program is designed to help lead homeless female veterans to employment and permanent housing.

Are women victimized by domestic abuse allowed?

Yes, veteran women and others if we have an available space.

Are women of other faith or no faith allowed?

We welcome woman of all faiths and background.

Will Genesis help our entire community?

Yes, all of our programs will be available to males and females in our community.

How long can at women stay at Genesis?

90-120 days. Our goal is for our residents to have full time employment and permanent housing upon graduation from our transitional housing shelter and programs.

What is the greatest need for Genesis?

Funding to support our mission is our greatest need. Housing and feeding our residents, as well as providing supportive services to them and others in the community are costly endeavors that require us to be continually replenishing our funding. All donations to Genesis Joy House are tax deductible. We also have a need for volunteers to become trained Shelter Assistants who can help us serve our residents and members of the community

Female Veteran Facts

Female veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless veteran population.

homeless veterans under the age of 45 are female

risk of becoming homeless compared to male veterans

suffer from mental wounds including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

female veterans seen at the Veteran’s Health Administration suffer from Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

3 months longer than male veterans to find employment after they leave the military and often earn less despite having the same skills enhanced by military service as men.

more likely to commit suicide than non-veteran females

Phone Support

Please call Genesis Joy House with any question you might have.

(478) 236-2207